COLLA Zinc Plus C 50gm

Main Features:

    -Nourishes hair
    -Helps reduce wrinkles
    -Helps reduce the formation of acne
    -Strengthens bones and knees
    -Nourishes nails
    -Promotes skin to be smooth, soft, radiant, and youthful-looking

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Provides Proline Amino Acid which is the same important molecule like in the body’s collagen. So, it can be combined with collagen in the body to nourish and tighten skin cells effectively.

Strengthens the parts of cells that are difficult to reach such as hair and nails as they are very small collagen molecules. This strengthens hair and prevents hair fall, as well as promotes nails to be healthy, strong, and not easily brittle.

Provides small collagen molecules, resulting in increased efficiency of elasticity enhancement, and moisturizing skin deep to the cellular level.

Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid has properties to reduce inflammation, stimulates the production of collagen in skin, and also reduces the activity of enzymes that produce skin pigment. Therefore, it helps reduce wrinkles, dark spots from scars, and various acne scars. In addition, it helps brighten dull skin caused by the sunlight, as well as helps heal open wounds and burns to recover faster because Vitamin C helps the body to repair and heal itself by strengthening the cell walls, resulting in strong capillaries so the wounds heal faster.

Zinc Amino Acid

Zinc Amino is an essential mineral that is indispensable whether you are a man or a woman.

Zinc Amino helps the processes in the body such as repairing cells and wounds, immune regeneration, important enzymes production, or even collagen production.

It helps treat acne. Zinc contributes to the production of more than 200 hormones in the body to be balanced, including testosterone hormone, the hormone that is the main cause of acne. Zinc plays a role in balancing the production of this kind of hormone, including controlling the production of oil around the sebaceous glands under skin to be normal. In addition, research has found that its antioxidant and immunity properties also fight against bacteria which is the cause of acne. Moreover, it helps balance out the oil on the face from the inside, and helps reduce the inflammation of acne.

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